Who are we?

BIONETcycle is a fast-growing business specialising in top-of-the-line products for bicycle maintenance designed to give the highest performance while having the lowest impact on the environment. Thanks to their efficiency and ease of use, our products meet the expectations of the most demanding cyclists, professional and amateurs alike.


BIONETcycle shares your customers eco-responsible values

Unrivaled quality, a sincere concern for sustainability, and local manufacturing clearly distinguish the BIONETcycle brand from other products on the market. This strong brand identity means that our bottles stand out from the crowd!

In today’s world, people want to express their values through their purchases. And when they hop on their bicycle for a ride, they want it to be a satisfying experience in all regards, without compromise.

This is what BIONETcycle offers them.


Discover our complete range of high-performance products

You will find in the BIONETcycle product range two types of chain conditioners, designed for specific uses: a conditioner for road cycling that offers outstanding lubricating power lasting for up to 400 km, and an off-road protector that seals and lubricates the chain in the most extreme conditions. The BIONETcycle range also includes a frame cleaner that restores your bicycle’s shine and a solvent degreaser that lets you take care of the most tenacious mechanical tasks with ease. Finally, a brand new product completes the line-up: a cleaning wax that was designed to clean, polish, wax and protect your bicycle in a single step, without using water.


Created by a cyclist, for cyclists

The BIONETcycle product range came into existence thanks to the vision and unfailing commitment of Pierre-Luc Choquette, a cycling enthusiast. His goal: creating specialty products for bicycle maintenance that would meet his high technical, social and environmental standards. His hard work has paid off: our top-of-the-line products now make cyclists happy, both when it comes to the maintenance of their bicycle and to sustainability issues.


What are you waiting for?

Your customers are looking for those products. Make sure they find them in your store! Become a BIONETcycle retailer today.